Portfolio items

Tatra Mountains 3D data viewer

A simple GeoData viewer that provides the ability to view the assets in 3D context. The application offered the following functionality: ability to connect different OGC compliant sources of data (vector / raster) from different web services, such as WMS, WFS, ability to visualize data over flat map

Dobre Narty

Dobre Narty is a second hand ski equipment seller. Company started in 2004 and currently is the largest web shop offering ski related products. Their standard stock consists of over 6 000 skis and  5 000 ski boots. GeoCRM is a customer relation management application designed to fulfill the company


Historical geoportal is an application that mashes up a few services such as National Polish Geoportal or Google Earth with the historical topographic map services offered by Cartomatic. Such a combination of tools makes it possible to view the historical information against its current spatial cont

Manhole Inspector

Manhole Inspector is a SaaS platform for manhole inventory. It provides a desktop administration module for the project managers and a mobile application for field personnel. Thanks to the simplicity and powerful flexible reporting tools application saves significant amount of man-hours thus allows

Museum of the History of Polish Jews

The Museum of the History of Polish Jews is a modern cultural and educational centre focusing on maintaining and popularizing the information on history of the Jews in Poland. The information Centre is a multimedia database that brings together the information on the diverse museum resources. The pr

Mobilna Gmina

Mobilna Gmina is a software that was designed to streamline and integrate the activities of local communities related to spatial data. The application was offered in a SaaS model and provided easy to use web and mobile gis tools. Mobilna Gmina was a cornerstone of GeoMind libraries. Mobilna Gmina of

Natuur Netwerk

NatuurNetwerk specializes in environmental assets management. NatuurNetwerk tools are used by  Dutch police, courts, organizations issuing permits for hunting or forest guards who are involved in wildlife conservation in the Netherlands. GeoReg Mobiel is a mobile part of the GeoReg system. It has b


For over a decade Trajan has been successfully solving various problems related to the public space management in the Netherlands. It cooperates with both public and private sector and offers traffic surveying services including bicycle related analysis. Application includes both administrative and